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                35 OFFICES, 6000 EMPLOYEES, 2000+ CLIENTS

                WE SERVE YOU GLOBALLY

                GLOBAL PORTFOLIO
              2. COSSETTE We are an innovative marketing and communication agency. Ideas and innovation in communications and marketing is what drives our experts at?Cossette. explore more

              3. Citizen Relations We are a Public Relations?and Integrated Communications agency?with specific expertise in consumer technology, food & beverage,?consumer packaged goods, automotive... explore more

              4. Vision7 Media We are an operating division of Vision7 International, which includes agency brands Cossette Media and Jungle Media. explore more

              5. The Camps Collective We are a digitally based advertising network of independent agencies, best suited for clients with a challenger brand mindset. explore more

              6. We Are Social We are a socially-led creative agency.We are a global team of more than 750 people in 13 offices across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, with a common purpose: to connect people and brands in meaningful ways.We believe in people before platforms and the power of social insight to drive business value. We call this social thinking. explore more

              7. fuseproject We are an integrated boutique design firm headquartered in San Francisco, providing top-class service on industrial design, branding, packaging and user interface. It joined BlueFocus in July 2014. explore more

              8. Metta We are the largest independent advertising firm in HK, engaging in marketing strategy, advertising campaign, creative creation and media buy service. It Joined BlueFocus family in march 2014. explore more

              9. Financial PR We are Singapore’s No. 1 investor relations firm across six cities in Asia. It Joined BlueFocus family in July 2011. explore more

              10. DOMESTIC PORTFOLIO
              11. BlueFocus Digital we comprehensively integrate the company’s expertise and resources in traditional PR and digital marketing to form a service system that covers the entire value chain, from consumer insights to content creation... explore more

              12. Bojie Media We are an advertising agency specializing in providing value-added services for the film and television industries. explore more

              13. Insight As a leading PR consulting company in China, we offer clients local expertise and knowledge, as well as global services. explore more

              14. BlueStrategy We are China’s leading event planning and management agency, serving high-end international and domestic clients. explore more

              15. BlueFocus Mobile Internet We provide customers one-stop advertising services ranging from mobile strategy, creative development, planning and buying, based on our advanced big data and targeting technology. explore more

              16. Domob We are leading mobile Ad network in China, which have always dedicated ourself to APP distribution, performance and mobile brand advertisements. explore more

              17. Madhouse We are a leading mobile advertising platform and service company, exclusively focusing on mobile data-driven programmatic. explore more

              18. SNK We are a leading integrated marketing communication firm and one of the largest interactive ad agencies in the Chinese mainland. explore more

              19. Jie Bao We are a leading business data and information agency with advanced technology and service, providing total media supervision solutions. explore more

              20. Best Choice We have provided leading professional services in China for over 16 years and are able to deliver service across the entire nation. explore more

              21. Kingo We are the world’s largest real estate advertising companies, and have led advertising services for more than 2,000 top real estate projects. explore more

              22. Eye Media We are China’s most high–end light box advertising business brand, focusing on China’s luxury lifestyle market. explore more

              23. Phluency We are a full-service digital agency made up of industry visionary, strategists, creative, and technologists from around the world. explore more

              24. BlueSkyfall We are a professional overseas advertising platform, providing premier outdoor screen resource across Europe and America. explore more

              25. Bay Line We are a leading e-commerce agency, who have long-term strategic partnership with clients like P&G and Amazon, and provide Tmall operation, advertising and marketing strategy service. explore more

              26. ASSOCIATED COMPANIES
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